Official Chrononaut Program Mission Patch
  • Official Chrononaut Program Mission Patch

Official Chrononaut Program Mission Patch


This full-size 4" embroidered patch commemorates the time shuttle breaking the time barrier in its historic mission back to 1984! 

Exactly like the one worn by the world's first time shuttle pilot, the Chrononaut.

Suitable for display on your jacket sleeve or anywhere else things can be sewn.

A must-have for fans of Arcade 2084!

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There are fewer patches as cool as the Arcade 2084 Chrononaut Program's official mission patch, commemorating the historic first mission to 1984! 

This futuristic 4" patch is a high-quality embroidered patch featuring details of metallic and UV reactive thread.

As with all mission patches, symbols are present in the design that hold special meanings.

The rainbow element is a recurring one on mission patches from the STS era and the 80’s.

On this mission patch, it is a dynamic symbol of light and time, depicting the time shuttle making hypersonic descent, just before crossing the time barrier!

The rainbow con trail diverges from the ever-waving flag above, symbolic of the historic mission being an emergent property of American ambition, diversity, and intrepidity.

It twists to the left, or "back", to form the infinite loop, mathematical symbol for Time, while the silhouette of the ship breaks the arced edge of the silver field representing the time barrier!

The blue on this mission patch is a nod to NASA, and the seven stars on the Chrononaut Program mission patch honor the original seven astronauts with "The Right Stuff".

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