Presenting an authentic 80's video game arcade experience only
in Historic Downtown Hillsboro, Oregon!


Frequently Asked Questions

“What's it like?" 

Arcade 2084 is created to let you experience how arcades actually were in the 80s, and its like nothing since. 
To know what it really was like, you're first invited downtown to Main Street, America, where in the late 70s and early 80s, video arcade gaming all started. There, just between second and third avenue, a small-town arcade has impossibly emerged, providing guests what is often their very first experience of an 80s arcade.

  • Radical sci-fi themed environment 

  • Totally awesome game selection

  • Righteous food menu and bar with liquor

  • Choice Era-appropriate Beer and Specialty Cocktails

  • The Most Excellent Music Ever

"Is there a cover charge at Arcade 2084?"

Currently there is no cover charge except Friday and Saturday when it's $7.50 which includes same day re-entry.

"What kind of games do you have?" 

Dozens of the most fun and popular video games you'd find in an arcade during the 1980s, at the peak of video arcade popularity. Many of them in rare table form, best enjoyed with our Red Dawn cocktails or ice cold beer on tap!
Yes, we have pinball games, too. The titles in our lineup have been selected for their place as among the greatest titles of arcade gaming in the early 80s; representing a quintessential 80s arcade lineup. At the same time, many titles are complimentary to the story.

See our welcome page at using your desktop browser for more clues, if you must get a sneak preview.

An authentic 80s arcade experience includes physically adventuring outside, traveling to the arcade, going inside, and discovering what games are there without the Internet spoiling it! ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH?

"What are you doing to deal with COVID?

Click here to learn more about Anti-COVID measures we continue to take, to protect the health and safety of our crew and all guests. 

"Do I need quarters?"

No. You can exchange quarters 1 to 1 for tokens.

All games play for one token, just like in the 80s! Even the pinballs! Tokens can be purchased with cash or card.

"How late can I be there?"

Days and hours of operation are on our main page at

All ages welcomed until 8pm. After 8pm it's ages 21+ only.

"So... you have beer?" 

Yes. Yes, we do. What good would an 80s arcade be without beer popularized or introduced in the 80s?
Check out our Cocktail Bar Menu

"Do you have liquor?"

Yes. If you want to make sure we have something special, just give us a call. If we don't have it, we'll do our best to get it.

"You have cocktails, too?"

Yes, our exclusive selection of fun concoctions to choose from are most excellent!
Don't miss our signature Red Dawn, it's explosive!
You won't want to overlook our own new soda, ROOT'84 Nitro Root Beer! Popular spiked up with Vanilla Vodka!
Descriptions of these specialty cocktails and more on the Bar Menu

"Wait... So you're saying you're an all ages arcade, and a no-minors bar ...both with alcohol?"

Yes. It's a special place. We know of nowhere else like it.

"Do you have food? What’s the menu like?"

Yes. Check out our Restaurant Menu!

Be sure to try the Arcade 2084 Original Grilled Pizza Sandwich™ 

"Can I eat and drink right at the games?" 

Yes, you may. Many of the games are even in cocktail table form, so you can have a seat while playing and enjoying your refreshments.

"Is this your only arcade or are you a chain?"

This arcade is one of a kind. We are not part of a chain, and.. 
Arcade 2084 in Hillsboro is the only one in this universe.

"Are you getting more games?" 

Yes. The starting lineup has grown, adding more than one new game every month since opening! 
Bear in mind that COVID regulations we opened under meant our games had to be 6’ apart.
During our first year, we had as many games as would fit on the game floor under regulations.
Since restrictions have changed, we've brought in many more, and more are always on the way.

Excited to play something we don’t yet have on the game floor? Keep returning to Arcade 2084 to see what's landed!

"Can I book a private event?"

Yes, we would be delighted to rent the game room to you for your private event. Some restrictions apply.
Click here for details and booking
You can also email us with a day and time you have in mind, to discuss a rental rate, or reach out with any questions using our Contact page!

"Can I rent one or more of your games for my event?" 

No. This service is temporarily suspended.

"Can you set your games for free play instead of tokens? / “Why not use the card system?”

We can. However, that, along with the addition of other anachronistic elements, is unlikely. Free play, card systems, and redemption games are not part of a truthful arcade experience. We see custom-designed tokens, like the Arcade 2084 game token, as an important part of the best actual arcades of the 80s, and the token element contributes to an authentic 80s experience for our guests! 

"Are you on social media?" 

Follow us on Instagram!

"Can I bring my pet sloth/wombat/ocelot/monkey?"

Arcade 2084 invites all kinds of human guests, but please leave animal friends, or any human who might damage the games, in their own habitat. Only service animals trained for a specific task may enter for the purpose of performing that task.

"Where do you get your games?" 

Generally speaking, we get them from the late-twentieth century.
To reach the past: We use a proprietary tachyon drive system developed in the 2080s, mated to a retrofitted conventional suborbital vehicle developed in the 1970s.
This allows the Chrononaut to acquire most of our games from various domestic locations across time in the 1980s.

The games at Arcade 2084 are not for sale.

"Do you have board games/cards/gambling/organic mung bean mead?"

No. We hope you enjoy the video games, music and other elements of our era-appropriate environment here at Arcade 2084, along with your favorite genuine refreshments of the 80s!

Question? Submit yours using our Contact page!