Presenting an authentic 80's video game arcade experience in Historic Downtown Hillsboro, Oregon!

The Year is 2084...

History’s best video arcade games are needed to preserve the utopia Earth has become.
However, except for the few in museums, the games as they were originally played exist only in the past.

The Chrononaut Program is created to identify and train the best-qualified person to pilot a Time Shuttle for a vital mission: Abscond with a cargo-hold full of games from 100 years in the past, and return all safely back to 2084. En route back to the future, the ship and her pilot unexpectedly drop out of time-warp in present day.

  • Radical sci-fi themed environment
  • Totally righteous game selection
  • Awesome game room snack bar
  • Tubular 80's music
  • Most Excellent Cocktails and Beer


At Arcade 2084, you're a guest aboard the Time Shuttle,
playing some of the best games of the 80s!

Still image recovered from Time Shuttle cockpit flight recorder

Still image recovered from Time Shuttle cockpit flight recorder



“Where!? Where!? Where!?" -Most people who learn we are coming.

The answer is 248 E Main Street, Hillsboro, Oregon 97123

"That's dope!" -Local attractive person

"A retro arcade is just what Hillsboro needs! I can't wait!" -Another person just like you.