We are the newest arcade lounge and restaurant in the area. We opened in July 2020, following a four month buildout and cleaning time during what was effectively a nationwide quarantine. Long before opening, we knew only the highest standard of cleanliness would be acceptable for our crew and our guests, and we remain committed to meeting that standard as we continue to serve our guests.

We began by taking the renovation of the space to the foundation, cleaning it from top to bottom with industry standard cleaning tools before even installing the new carpet. The metallic silver paint on the walls isn't just attractive; it's a special anti-microbial formula. The kitchen was thoroughly cleansed and serves only food that is prepared safely by crew with current food handlers' certification.

When directed to do so, we enforced a mask policy. Over summer 2021, CDC guidelines briefly allowed crew and guests who are vaccinated to not wear a mask.
Masks are required for all guests / crew again, as of Friday, August 13, 2021, regardless of vaccination status.

Our current normal capacity is ample at 220 plus. Even when reduced by half or to just 25%, there is no concern that the number of guests and staff will exceed capacity indicated by the CDC / state guidelines. It is easy to adhere to social distancing when visiting.

Games and tables initially were 6' distant from one another to comply with requirements we opened under. There is still space between games and tables for guest comfort.

We may limit the number of guests to whatever level that the state orders for that week, which may be our normal capacity of 220, or zero, or any number in between, or change hours -without notice- to comply with health directives. During much of our first year, only 6 persons were permitted. Because of this possibility, we encourage early arrival.

Hand sanitizer is available throughout the arcade.

Each machine is treated with sanitizer regularly, along with various other surfaces in the arcade such as doorknobs, handles and other hardware likely to be touched or handled. The crew uses a special ammonia-based sanitizer in addition to the arcade industry's proven standards for cleaning game surfaces. Further, a specially-developed COVID-19 killing substance is applied during routine cleaning periods and at other times where it can be most effective.

The entire arcade is continually flooded with UV light also, combining with these other countermeasures to create an environment unlikely to be hospitable to any virus.

We want you to be assured that we have the safety and health of our guests as a paramount directive, along with that of our crew, and we are doing all we can to mitigate whatever risk is presented.