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Our normal and current capacity is over 212

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Rates, based on number of attendees and time, for exclusive use of the arcade by your party:

  • Up to 12 attendees is $250/hr; 1 hour minimum.
  • Up to 20 attendees is $300/hr; 2 hour minimum.
  • Up to 30 attendees is $450/hr; 2 hour minimum.
  • Up to 35 attendees is $525/hr; 2 hour minimum.
  • Up to 40 attendees is $600/hr; 2 hour minimum.
  • Up to 52 attendees is $750/hr; 2 hour minimum.
  • Up to 72 attendees is $1000/hr; 3 hour minimum
  • Up to 100 attendees including necessary staff is $1250/hr; 3hr min.

Each person present, including elderly and infant, are considered whole, actual persons for the purpose of building occupants counted as attendees. For example, we cannot consider occupants said to not be participating in arcade, bar, or restaurant activity as non-attendees, for the purpose of negotiating a rental discount. Crew required to service party attendees are not counted as attendees. Unexpected but welcome attendees may be admitted at the express request of the organizer and at our discretion, and a supplemental fee of $15 per unexpected attendee will be added to the final bill.

Hours available for your private event:

(Availability subject to change. You are advised to call for current availability)

  • 11AM to 3PM Monday through Friday

Your reservation includes cover charge with re-entry wristband for each individual on the guest list for your event.
This can allow complimentary re-entry later in the day outside of your event hours!
Security, also included, will prevent unauthorized guests from attending your event.

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Game tokens, refreshments, and other merchandise not included.
Outside catering is not permitted;You may not provide your own bartenders, chefs, nor waitstaff. Your reservation price includes full wait staff, restaurant, bar, and cocktail service; A gratuity of 20% will be added to your party's check.

Your party may not bring outside refreshments, including but not limited to water bottles, snacks, and other consumables;
We will not be able to hold such items if they're brought in.

As always, children must be supervised; Your reservation does not include child supervisory service, and the event organizer agrees to assume responsibility for all damages caused by any guests, including damage caused by any unsupervised children.

One shared food item per 10 guests, such as a cake or other traditional celebratory dish is permitted, though we cannot provide plates nor flatware.

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