A lineup of totally bitchin', well-balanced, fun original cocktails!
Or choose one of the ice cold refreshing beers that were introduced or widely popular in the 80s!

Specialty Cocktails:


Red Dawn 
Rimmed with Pop Rocks, this action packed, cocktail with Smirnoff cranberry vodka will have you and your taste buds yelling “Wolverines!” $10.50

Purple Rain
Drive up in your little red Corvette, put on your raspberry beret, and let’s go crazy with this delicious Skyy vodka-based cocktail. With a hint of edible glitter, this drink will help you get through this thing called life. $9.50

Ninja Turtle  
A drink suitable for a hero in a half shell. This Skyy vodka & Midori-based drink is bright green and rimmed with sugar in the color of your favorite TMNT. Turtle Power! $9.50

Blue Lagoon 
 You don’t need to be shipwrecked on a tropical island in the south pacific to enjoy this refreshing Captain Morgan’s white rum drink. $8.50

Solid Gold Margarita 
A classically delicious margarita with Agave tequila from Margaritaville (Solid Gold dancers and gold lame not included). $8.50


H.G. Wells 
This sophisticated drink made of Hot Apple Cider, Myers's Dark Rum and Goldschlager is named in honor of the orginal time pilot! Served rimmed with cinnamon & sugar, the steaming blend will fortify you in no time! $9.50

Doc Brown 
Get thinking fourth-dimensionally with this charismatic hot chocolate fusion of Myers's Dark Rum, Absolut Vanilla Vodka, and Amaretto. Topped with whipped cream, sliced almonds, and dark chocolate... Great Scott! $9.50


Brass Monkey 
Drink it, think it, see it, be it. A funky mix of Absolut Vodka, Meyers’s Dark Rum, OJ, & Sprite. We love Brass Monkey but we don’t give D it. $9.50

• Gold and Delicious 
This slice-of-apple-pie in a shot glass is made with Crown Apple Whisky and Goldschlager, then topped with whipped cream. It’s like America is dreaming in your mouth… $8.50

• Pumpkin Russian
Double agents Smirnoff Vodka and Kahlua collide with pumpkin pie creamer to form our seasonal twist on the timeless White Russian. Served rimmed with crushed cinnamon graham crackers.
For those with a license to spice. $8.50


Bottles and Cans

• Budweiser Longneck Bottle $6.50
• Coors Light Silver Bullet Can $6.50
• Pabst Blue Ribbon PBR can $5.50
• Red Hook ESB Can $7.50 
• Stella Artois Bottle $7.50
• Heineken Bottle $7.50
• Amstel Light Bottle $7.50
• Miller Lite 16oz Pounder Can $6.50

On Tap

• Widmer Hefeweizen $6.50
• North Coast Scrimshaw Pilsner $6.50

More to Come in The Future!

20% gratuity added to check of party with 6 or more