Arcade 2084 Chrononaut Program Commemorative Mission Patch
Official Chrononaut Program Mission Patch

The Chrononaut Program is created in 2084 to identify and train the best-qualified person to pilot its brand new time-traveling cargo ship for a vital mission:
Locate and abscond with a cargo-hold full of the greatest video arcade game machines from 100 years in the past, and return all safely to 2084.

Chrononaut Program engineers were challenged to create a single-pilot vehicle that could cross the time barrier to the 1980's and carry a hold full of arcade machines back to the future without being discovered, and they created the Time Shuttle!

At the same time, an extraordinary pilot would be trained for the historic time-travel mission. This person was chosen after a painstaking search, meant to identify them as the ideal candidate from among millions of applicants. The world's first time-traveler is our Chrononaut